Dancing On Carpets. The Story Of Bloc

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Dancing on Carpets is a film that chart’s the rise, fall and rise again of Bloc an electronic music festival with a colorful history.

Dancing on Carpets documents the ten-year life span of Bloc, a niche electronic music festival, which quickly garnered infamous recognition for its audacious line-ups and debauched community of party goers flocking to the Butlins holiday camp in the south west of England for a long hedonistic weekend.

The film encapsulates the high’s and low’s of the festival’s lifespan, during which time the festival gained, lost and regained the love and admiration from it’s festival goers. The film is a reflection of the weird, odd and eccentric moments that took place throughout the chalets and auditoriums that gave the Bloc Weekender its unique reputation.

With access to all areas, Clouded Vision have documented Bloc’s life span through the intoxicated eyes of its performers, ravers as well as the festival’s directors, Alex and George.


Boiler Room.