Royal Ascot

Mappin & Webb

A much loved calendar moment for great British style and sporting victories, Mappin & Webb has a proud and illustrious relationship with Royal Ascot that spans over 75 years. In 1938 we made our first Gold Cup trophy for the world-renowned Gold Cup race meeting. Today we are proud to be the Official Silverware and Trophy Supplier for the world famous sporting venue.

We were approached by Tom Hingston Studios to created a film for high end jewellers Mappin & Webb to capture the elegance of Royal Ascot 213 while focusing on the beautiful hand crafted trophy created by Mappin & Webb. The Gold Cup is a solid 9ct yellow gold, a fitting treasure for the most nail-biting of races and marking this yearly occasion as one of our most loved historic and cultural moments.

This film presents the cup as a feature within the film, highlighting the elegant prize while simultaneously documenting the tension and excitement felt throughout the large crowd who are watching the dramatic race unfold. This film captures the first win in the famous Gold Cup for Queen Elizabeth II.



Tom Hingston. Mappin & Webb. Royal Ascot.