I Am Different, David Sutherland


Each film follows the photographer capturing images. The series took us to the highlands of Scotland to document David Sutherland’s impressive landscapes. A bike builder woking in East London who teaches people how to build there own custom  bike using Bamboo, a street artists in Dublin painting murals and to Cornwall to capture Richard Blake of Yallah coffee documenting his coffee roasting business.

Ecologist and adventurer David Sutherland’s haunting photographs are about to get a boost from his Nikon D-SLR. A quick glance over David Sutherland’s Instagram account – with those 16,000 devoted followers – it’s easy to see he’s not short on inspiration. The 29 year-old has become renowned on social media for his images of awe-inspiring, stunning Scottish landscapes.

But until Nikon came along, David was capturing all his pictures on a phone. It was not ideal, he says, when ShortList speaks to him at home in Glasgow. Here he talks about his relationship with pictures, and what the Nikon will mean for him.


Nikon. The Smalls. Shortlist