Simple Things Festival 2014

Crack Magazine

We used a dozen or more photographers who we sent off to explore and enjoy the festival in their own unique way.  Our aim was to capture the different ‘perspectives’ and ‘interactions’ that can be ‘experienced’ at a festival.

The official festival video documenting the events, artists, bands, personal explorations, group and singular experiences encountered at Simple Things Festival 2014. The video itself is a photographic montage combined with moments of slow motion video.

The aim of the video was the capture the sprit of the festival as if the viewer were their themselves. We wanted to do this because we believe that every person at festival share the same experiences but in different ways. We felt by creating a photographic montage we could capture the essence of the festival from the journeys, bands, DJ’s, artists, conversation, dances, encounters, and other social moments allowing our viewers to understand what activities transpire at Simple Things Festival


Simple Things Festival. Crack Magazine.